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I Love You, Fellas!!

I have no idea
how could i still love you like this
guess i'm the one whose insane
don't even know why

i'd cry over and over again
i know that's stupid but
i can't help it
it's just rolling down my eyes

i've even avoided you
my heart wasn't ready yet
didn't want to see you but
i know i wanted it so bad

but then,i've seen something come in
there,my friends
couraging me to be strong
keep going ahead

i know i'm such a cry baby
shedding my tears only for him
but i've learn to be tough
again,thank's to my fellas

i've spent days with you guys
laughing out loud,doing stupid funny things
having our inside jokes
really,that's distract me

guess i am blessed by God
because i have you all there
through ups and downs
thanks again,to all of you

i have no idea if there's no you guys
i might never be the same
can't get through this
or everything that lies ahead

simple words but lots of meaning
thanks for all the craziness and fun
love you guys
really :)
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